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A Message from the Candidate

"Hello, I am Dr. Peter Vander Zaag, your CHP candidate in Simcoe-Grey.

"Canadians are heading to the polls again! The Conservative government has fallen, being found guilty of Contempt of Parliament. This is the same party, remember, that established the Ethics commission (in the wake of the Paul Martin Liberal government) to control and avoid all of this kind of unethical behaviour. In our riding we see the turmoil in the Conservative ranks over what has happened recently."

"When will this end? I am afraid that it won’t, unless the people look at some real alternatives. It's time for positive change in Canada. Canada needs principled men and women who are committed to building this country.

"I'm running in this election because I want to represent you in Ottawa as a man with backbone, a statesman standing on a foundation of principles. I have again chosen to represent the Christian Heritage Party because it allows me to be a statesman with backbone. The party's platform and policies are based on the foundation of solid Christian principles. CHP policies are well-developed, providing solutions to the problems Canada faces."

"I invite you to explore this website, and discover what the CHP platform will do for Canada."

Dr. Peter, on Saving Canada

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Dr. Peter Vander Zaag, Click for large photo.

Dr. Peter Vander Zaag

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