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Dr. Peter Vander Zaag

Saving Canada

Dear Fellow Canadians,

A troubling trend emerges as I reflect on my travel and work around the world for the last thirty-seven years.  In the 1970s, nations around the world considered Canada a world leader and a generous, just, donor.  When I worked in Bangladesh, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) offered us a blank cheque for our work on crop diversification.  In Rwanda, a few years later, Canadian Aid was generous and highly appreciated.  In the mid 1980s, Canada was one of the first donors to assist the work we did in Vietnam.  Then, in the 1990s, Canada’s aid had all but dried up.  Now we give 0.3 % of our national wealth to foreign aid, with many strings attached.   Canada has promised to give 0.7% to help achieve the Millenium Development Goals.

Canada’s moral values were highly regarded in the 1970s.  Now many developing countries fear Canadians because of their liberalism.  In China, for example, I encountered young people horrified with the immoral movies and videos coming to them from “Christian North America.”  “How can this be?” they ask.  In Africa, people now fear or laugh at Canadians coming to work there.  They say, “They are coming to teach us immorality.”  Only Stephen Lewis is a bright light for Canada’s image in Africa.

Canada, while still a land of opportunity where I have been privileged to live and farm for the past twenty years, has changed.  I was shocked and overwhelmed to discover that the average Canadian citizen is in debt $25,000 to $30,000 personally, with an additional federal indebtedness of the same amount.  Interest payments on our debts have totally destroyed our ability to be a generous donor to those in need in our own country as well as around the world.  Our materialistic society and many personal “needs” imprison us.

The most troubling trend of today is our blatant disregard for the values our forefathers put into our original constitution — the BNA Act.  In his book entitled, “Canada’s Last Good Year,” which was 1967, Pierre Burton highlights the trend to turn away from our founder’s values and principles.  Liberalism and secular humanism have taken control of our media, education, government and courts.  The net result is a nation adrift—lost from its stabilizing mooring.  The family, a foundational unit of society, is at risk.  Education, without a moral base, is no longer supporting our families.

Around the world, people line up at our embassies hoping to get immigrant visas to this great land of freedom and opportunity. Many have come and have been successful financially, but are horrified by our lack of Christian values—exactly what made us a great nation.  People of all religions are dismayed at how Canada has forgotten the reasons for its original success.

If we were to draw a circle around the most developed nations in the world on a world map in 1967, they would be the Christian nations where true democracies were established.  Today, an African colleague laughs and says, “The western nations are now enroute to becoming underdeveloped.”

I want to prove my African colleague wrong. As a nation, we need to wake up, realize what is happening, and turn our country right side up. How do we do this? We need statesmen and stateswomen with backbone who are anchored in our Christian Heritage. The anchor, God's Word in The Bible, sets the clear limits that guide as we deal with issues. We do not need jellyfish politicians that move with the wind of special interests groups.

Please support me and help initiate a righteous revolution across the land. I have chosen the Christian Heritage Party because it allows me to be a statesman with backbone. The party platform and policies are the only hope for saving Canada.